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Speaking of ‘haunt’, the latest Thai horror film ‘Siam Square’ will be hitting our local theatres this month. Siam Square, as we all know, is the heart of Bangkok and hub of everything cool. From quirky cafes to upscale barber shops, Siam Square is a dense warren of hipster culture.


But how could a bustling spot like Siam Square be creepy? Well, a talented director like Pairach Khumwan has all it takes to transform even the coolest hangout into your next phobia. An epic deviation from the typical portrayal of Siam Square, the film sucks all the life from this popular hangout, filling labyrinth of shops with eerie silences and setting the perfect backdrop to spook its teenage cast. Quite an interesting take, really.


Have all these Siam Square talks ignited an urge within you to partake on a thrilling, adrenaline-pumped Thai adventure? If hopping onboard the next flight to Bangkok is not an immediate option, we highly recommend a Thai-themed day out with your friends and loved ones! Scare yourselves thin (yes, studies have shown that horror movies help burn calories) with an afternoon screening of ‘Siam Square’, which will leave you feeling sufficiently guilt-free to pop by any of our nine outlets for an indulgent Mookata chomp fest!


Here at Siam Square Mookata, our dizzying array of top-grade delights will leave you spoilt for choice. Meat lovers rejoice, for our marinated meat selection includes perennial favourites such as Garlic and Pepper Pork Belly, Rosemary Beef, Teriyaki Sauce Chicken and Black Pepper Pork Belly. Sizzle the evenly sliced pieces to perfection on our non-stick Mookata skillet while the essences of the meat flow downwards to mix with the light, scrumptious broth, resulting in a rich blend that’s impossible to resist. Other delectable assortments include Japanese Crab Stick, Shishamo, Sliced Abalone, Cheese Tofu and more!


Besides our freshly prepared ingredients, the main draw that sets us apart from other Mookata establishments is our homemade chilli, prepared stealthily according to our gramps’ secret recipe. Available in four different intensities, we ensure that our aromatic chilli sauce caters to a broad spectrum of spice tolerance. Packs a punch, but not overwhelming. A perfect complement to your grilled meats.


Hungry yet? Make a reservation with us today! Aroy mak mak~

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